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About us


Who we are........

 Janetboutique is an African print bags  and accessories brand based in Canada, officially launched in 2017. We specialize in making the best handmade handbags, wallets and backpacks made of Kitenge and Maasai print African material. As THE SAYING goes, no one can have as many bags,we believe that every outfit deserves a little boost of an accessory:which is either a bag,wallet or backpack. We aim in creating every product that is informed by our customer along with global influences like social media, street style,different cultures and different fashion.

What our products are made of........

All our products are handmade either by tailoring  using a sewing machine or use hands. The materials are all of African origin  in Kenya. Some of the materials we use are Kitenge, Maasai print and Kikoi material. Kitenge is a Swahili word for the cultural material used by most people of East African origin on their cloths,bags ,accessories, head wraps or even just use them like a blanket. Kitenge cloths are worn mostly on the main events like weddings,ceremony,church and other cultural activities either men or women. Maasai word comes from a kenyan and Tanzanian tribe called the Maasai. The tribe mainly use a certain type of material for daily use as clothing.

The material is very unique ,different  and beautiful that everyone decided to use them to make other things like accessories,bags and clothing. Our bags, accessories and backpacks are true definition of Multiculture, uniqueness, different and masterpiece.

Shipping procedure;  All our products are shipped 1 day after purchase through Canada post.

Return policy; Please return products in 14 days of purchase in good condition. Email us for shipping address and refund procedure.